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ELSA Wave 9 Report Launch
Thursday 8th October 2020
Online event via YouTube
The ELSA Wave 9 Report was launched during an online event, live streamed via YouTube, which you can watch again here: 
Wave 9 of ELSA was carried out in 2018/2019, and the report includes substantive chapters on economic, social, and health issues, together with tables of cross-sectional and longitudinal results.


Since Wave 9 was completed, the world has suffered the COVID-19 pandemic, and older people have been particularly vulnerable. A COVID-19 Substudy is being carried out with ELSA participants to understand the experience of older people over this period.


The ELSA Wave 9 Report launch event featured presentations on the latest findings from Wave 9 of ELSA and the COVID-19 Substudy, together with an outline of plans for the future:

1) Introduction and future plans - Andrew Steptoe, ELSA PI, University College London

[Download slides]

2) ELSA COVID-19 Substudy - James Banks, Institute for Fiscal Studies

[Download slides]

3) Social support at older ages - Georgia Chatzi, University of Manchester

[Download slides]

4) State pension age entitlements - Heidi Karjalainen, Institute for Fiscal Studies

[Download slides]

5) Cognitive empairment and dementia - Dorina Cadar, University College London

[Download slides]

6) Polygenic risk scores - Olesya Ajnakina, University College London

[Download slides]

7) Nutrition survey - Camille Lassale, UCL and Hospital del Mar Research Institute, Barcelona [Download slides]

ELSA Wave 8 Report Launch
Thursday 18th October 2018
Royal Society, London


The ELSA Wave 8 Report Launch brought together researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss the latest findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing.


The presentations are available at the links below, and the list of posters that were presented can be found in the conference programme.


1. Welcome and over view of ELSA in 2018 – Andrew Steptoe

[download slides]


2. The experience of those affected by the state pension age increase – Neil Amin Smith

[download slides]


3. Life expectancy and the purchase of annuities – David Sturrock

[download slides]


4. The determinants and consequences of falling at older ages – Paola Zaninotto

[download slides]


5. Biomarker trajectories and health outcomes – Camille Lassale

[download slides]


6. Area and social and health inequality in older age – Katey Matthews

[download slides]


7. Public transport policy and mental health – Mauricio Avendano

[download slides]


8. Social and cultural engagement and wellbeing – Daisy Fancourt

[download slides]

ELSA Wave 8 Report – Code


1. Social chapter syntax [download]

2. Health chapter syntax [download]

3. Economics chapter syntax [download


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