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Understanding the experiences of those approaching later life

This project, funded by the Centre for Ageing Better aims to examine the experiences of people approaching later life in the England today, with a primary focus on those aged 50 to 69. This is a mixed-method project, UCL in charge of quantitative part and the Institute for Public Policy Research of the qualitative part.

The project uses data from ELSA and Understanding Society to quantify the experiences of those approaching later life and to answer the following research questions:


  1. What defines those aged 50-69?

  2. Within this group, who are most at risk of missing out on a good later life and why?

  3. What commonly happens to people during these 20 years?

  4. How are the experiences of today’s 50-69 year olds different to the previous generation and what implications does this have for their later life and future society?

The report for this project has now been published by the Centre for Ageing Better:


Read more here:

Study team

Principal Investigator: Dr Paola Zaninotto


Co-Investigators: Professor Andrew Steptoe (University College London)


Researchers: Dr Alexandra Lyons

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