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Survey content

The ELSA Covid-19 assessment protocol combines new Covid-19 questions with measures used in previous ELSA waves of data collection as detailed below. 

We have also been collaborating with the Wellcome Trust initiative coordinating questionnaire content across longitudinal studies, and with international colleagues who run longitudinal ageing studies similar to ELSA.


            Download Wave 1 ELSA Covid-19 Survey 

            Download Wave 2 ELSA Covid-19 Survey




Questions concerning the experience of symptoms, illness, testing, and hospitalisation of the participant, their household, and people close to them.

Other health issues

New health conditions, access to hospital and primary care, and medication.

Mental health

Assessed using the CESD depression scale, the GAD7 anxiety scale, and wellbeing measures.


Questions on type of housing, number of rooms, access to private outdoor space, and the number, ages, and relationships of people in the household.

Financial circumstances

Measured through changes in financial situation, worry about future financial security and ability to buy food, changes in income, receipt of benefits and financial assistance programmes, and expectations for the future.


Changes in work patterns, risk of infection during work, and job security.

Social connections and isolation

Assessed with adaptations of existing measures of frequency of contact with immediate family, other relatives and friends on the telephone, email, and video-conferencing, and quality of relationship with a partner. We will also measure loneliness, internet use, watching TV, volunteering, and caregiving.

Health behaviours

Measured through changes in smoking, drinking alcohol, physical activity, eating behaviour, sedentary behaviour, and sleep.

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