ELSA User Day presentations

Wednesday 17th October 2018


The ELSA User Day was on opportunity to find out more about the tools and resources available when analysing the ELSA data. Computer-based workshops provided practical guidance on using ELSA-specific data, as well as an introduction to using the Gateway to Global Aging Data.


1. ELSA plans and selected findings

[download slides], [download video]

2. Cognitive function resarch

[download slides] [download video]

3. Access to ELSA data and other restricted variables

[download slides] [download video]

4. Weighting issues 

[download slides] [download video]

5. Financial derived variables

[download slides] [download audio]


6. Harmonised ELSA: Gateway to Global Aging Data

[download slides] [download video]


7. Life history data

[download slides] [download video]

8. ELSA data computer workshop on life histories 

[download slides


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