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ELSA Wave 9 Report YouTube launch event, 8th October, 15:00-16:45

To launch the ELSA Wave 9 report, we will be holding an online event from 15:00-16:45 BST on Thursday 8th October 2020 on the ELSA YouTube channel.

Wave 9 of ELSA was carried out in 2018/2019, and the report includes substantive chapters on economic, social, and health issues, together with tables of cross-sectional and longitudinal results.

Since Wave 9 was completed, the world has suffered the COVID-19 pandemic, and older people have been particularly vulnerable. A COVID-19 Substudy was carried out with ELSA participants in June 2020 to understand the experience of older people over this period.

This event will feature presentations on the latest findings from Wave 9 of ELSA and the COVID-19 substudy, together with an outline of plans for the future. It will include a series of short talks on scientific results and data availability, and will be of interest to policy makers, academic researchers and analysts.

This event will be streamed live and free via the ELSA YouTube channel which you will be able to access from this page. To sign up to receive updates on the event, please enter your details here.

During the event, you can ask a question via Slido at this link:

Or go to Slido and use the event code: ELSAW9


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