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ELSA launches 20th anniversary report

Just over twenty years since Professor Sir Michael Marmot and his team launched the brand new English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, ELSA is proud to publish its 20th anniversary report, Ageing Better? Life over 50 in the 21st Century.

The report highlights key findings from a selection of the 1,300 published articles that have used ELSA data - originating from the contributions of 19,000 study participants.

Download ZIP • 10.54MB

The study’s Director, Andrew Steptoe, said, “ELSA now has over two decades worth of evidence on ageing in England. We are delighted to be releasing our anniversary report which showcases our focus on both the positive and negative aspects of ageing, across multiple disciplines.

“At a time when we are all living longer, it is crucial we continue to study how to age well and to ensure that is an opportunity afforded to all. The team and I are extremely proud of what the study has achieved in its first 20 years – and we look forward to it remaining at the cutting edge of longitudinal scientific study for many decades to come.”

The report will be launched at the ELSA 20th Anniversary Conference which is taking place on Thursday 11 May at the Royal Society in London.

Fieldwork for the tenth wave of ELSA data is now complete and the team look forward to releasing that data later in the year.


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