User guides

These user guides give details about the ELSA datasets and how to use them.

16 February 2015
This User Guide provides information about the End of Life interviews carried out during the first six waves of ELSA.
09 February 2015
ELSA life history documentation
01 July 2013
This User Guide details the geographical variables that are available to be matched to ELSA data, as well as detailing the sources of these variables.
10 June 2013
This User Guide provides detailed information pertaining to each of the first five waves of the ELSA data, all of which are available to download from the UK Data Archive
08 May 2013
This documentation describes the first version of the derived variables deposited for ELSA Wave 5 (2010 – 2011).
01 November 2011
This User Guide contains information about the third release of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) Index File.
01 November 2011
This document describes how to use the derived income and asset variables for ELSA Waves 1 to 4.
23 October 2011
This document describes how to use the derived pension wealth variables for ELSA Wave 1.
23 October 2011
This User Guide covers the ELSA self-completion data relating to personal beliefs and wellbeing, otherwise known as the Ryff scale.
23 October 2011
The excel spreadsheet pengrid_var_correspondence.xls' (which is also available as part of the ELSA Wave 2 documentation) shows how the variables in the pension-level dataset relate to those contained in the main individual-level dataset.

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