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ELSA COVID-19 Substudy

The ELSA COVID-19 Substudy aims to investigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the older population in England.

Funding was awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council via the UK Research and Innovation Covid-19 Rapid Response call, allowing us to collect data from ELSA participants, all aged 50 years and over, asking them about their experiences of the COVID-19 crisis. 


The ELSA COVID-19 Survey content combined new COVID-19 questions with measures used in previous ELSA waves of data collection. We also worked to ensure as much comparability as possible across other national and international COVID-19 studies and initiatives, while maintaining the ability to compare data across ELSA waves. 


Data collection took place at two time points, the first between June and July 2020 and the second between November and December 2020. ELSA participants were invited to complete the survey over the internet in the first instance, with a telephone option for those who could not complete the survey online.


Reports have been produced using the data from the first wave of data collection which took place in June-July 2020. The reports cover the health, social and economic domains of ELSA and are available to download along with the methodological report for Wave 1.


Data can be downloaded from the first wave of data collection from the UK Data Service.


Training videos are also available, giving an overview of the Substudy and providing information on the weighting strategy used.


If you have any queries about the ELSA COVID-19 Substudy, please contact the ELSA Administrator.

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