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ELSA 20th Anniversary Conference
Thursday 11th May 2023
Royal Society, London 

The ELSA 20th Anniversary Report was launched at the anniversary conference held at the Royal Society. You can watch the presentations from the conference below and on the ELSA Youtube channel  The slides can be downloaded separately or collectively here.

Part 1:
Introduction and Overview with Andrew Steptoe and Sir Michael Marmot

Download slide 1


Session 1: Inequalities In Later Life 
The significance of inequalities in later life: Lessons from 20 years of ELSA: James Nazroo

Download slide 2

Panel discussion and questions: Martin Hyde, Elizabeth Webb, Robert Willis

Part 2:

Session 2: Cross-National Comparisons
Cross-national differences in health at older ages: The role of public policies: Mauricio Avendano

Download slide 3

Panel discussion and questions: Jinkook Lee, David Richter, David Weir
Download slide 3-1

Part 3: 
Session 3: ELSA and the Covid-19 Pandemic

The experience of older people during the pandemic: Giorgio Di Gessa Download slide 4

Panel discussion and questions: Arie Kapteyn, Rose Anne Kenny, Nicholas Steel Downloads slide 4-1 & 4-2


Session 4: Cognitive Decline and Dementia
The contribution of ELSA to the study of cognitive ageing: Andrew Steptoe Download slide 5
Panel discussion and questions: Michael Hurd, Kenneth Langa, Bernadette McGuinness

Part 4:

Session 5: Economic Activity and Ageing

Changing patterns of work at older ages: Jonathan Cribb
Download slide 6

Panel discussion and questions: Emily Andrews, Axel Börsch-Supan, Sir Richard Blundell 

Final Session:  A look ahead: Paola Zaninotto
Download slide 7

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