The Dynamics of Ageing:
Evidence from the ENGLISH LONGITUDINAL STUDY OF AGEING 2002-10 (Wave 5)

Editors: James Banks, James Nazroo, Andrew Steptoe

The findings from the fifth wave of the survey were published in October 2012. The individual chapters and their annexes of data tables can be downloaded below; or download the full report [2.9 MB]. To buy a printed copy (£40), please contact the Institute for Fiscal Studies at or by telephone on 020 7291 4800.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Michael Marmot and Andrew Steptoe, University College London

Chapter 2: The evolution of pension wealth and contribution dynamics

Rowena Crawford and Gemma Tetlow, Institute for Fiscal Studies

Chapter 3: Change in social detachment in older age in England

Stephen Jivraj, University of Manchester, James Nazroo University of Manchester and Matt Barnes, NatCen

Chapter 4: The psychological well-being, health and functioning of older people in England

Andrew Steptoe, Panayotes Demakakos and Cesar de Oliveira, University College London

Chapter 5: Methodology

Hayley Cheshire, David Hussey, Andrew Phelps and Natasha Wood, NatCen

Reference Tables: Economics Domain Tables

Reference Tables: Social Domain Tables

Reference Tables: Health Domain Tables

Paola Zaninotto and Andrew Steptoe, University College London

ISBN: 978-1-903274-92-7; Institute for Fiscal Studies, October 2012.

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